Did you know the space under the roofs could be optimized and transformed into a new living room? If not, then you are going to learn many new things today, so keep reading the post till the end to find out how you can add a new room to your house without doing any significant construction. The area under the roof of your house can be used to construct an attic. However, some houses do not have sufficient height between the floor and the roof to accommodate the attic. Fortunately, a change in the slope of the roof is possible and answers the problem.

What is the use of changing the roof slope of a house?

Changing the slope of the roof is used to gain height. The work only changes the slope of the roof so that the end result is a roof with a greater height and therefore more space below the rooftops.

The calculation of the floor area is done using various tried and tested methods. This means that the floor surface takes into account the attic and granaries. However, only areas with a ceiling height greater than 1.80m are counted as living space. The change of slope of the roof thus creates an additional floor area for your home!

Note: If the entire roof is redone, then the tiles can be deposited and reused.

Why change the slope of the roof?

To add an extra room to your house! The creation of a new space can give life to children’s playroom, an office or a second bathroom.

Note: if the roof of your house is less than 30 degrees, it is possible to raise the roof.

Is the building permit necessary for a change of slope of the roof?

As the appearance of your house is being modified, a building permit will be necessary. In addition to the modification of the slope of the roof, the development of the attic involves the installation of windows to bring light in this room. Do not forget to check the local building codes. You should intimate the local authorities about the changes you are about to make in your house, and grant their permission first in order to avoid any legal tussles later on.

If you are not sure whether you’ll be able to get permission on your own, then maybe you can hire a roofing contractor for this roof job. He will carry out the job in the most professional way and will take clearance from local government bodies as well. You can easily find a contractor specializing in roofing in Idaho by searching on the web, in yellow pages or by asking friends/relatives.